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    The Rooster Milo pack is a set of sturdy looking, soft silicone, c-rings. They are strong yet very comfortable to wear. There are 3 sizes in the pack, giving you the opportunity to experience three different levels of grip. You can wear them individually, or behind your penis and scrotum, or all together to generate a nicely forward pushed package. Of course you can also wear them around the base of your penis or around your scrotum. It is a set of c-rings that will get you into a new comfort zone.

    Tough but sensual look and feel

    Supports powerful erections

    Stimulates creativity

    Enjoy different sensations

    Comfortable, stretchy and durable

    How to Wear: Depending on how you wear the c-rings of the Rooster Milo pack, stretch out the ring/s and enring your whole package, your penis and/or your scrotum. Wear them in combination. Remember to gently release the ring and position them to maximize your pleasure.

    Safety: Velv’Or advises you to listen carefully to your body. How long a man can be enringed varies from person to person. The larger your package or the greater the girth of your penis, the tighter the Rooster Milo rings will grip you.

    Key Features & Specs


    Diameter of all rings: 0.91"
    Width: 0.47" - 0.79"
    Length: 1.81" - 2.44"


    0.19 lbs.

    Water Resistance


    Lube Compatibility

    Water-Based Lubes



    Made In


    In The Box

    Three (3) C-Rings


    30 Days


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