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  • The Gay Agenda: A Modern Queer History & Handbook

     A jubilant tribute to the LGBTQ+ world's evolvement, past, and customs, overflowing with data, minutiae, chronologies, and graphs, plus 100 vibrant illustrations.

    Compiled and designed by queer power couple/illustrators Ashley Molesso and Chess Needham (founders of the popular Ash + Chess stationery company!), The Gay Agenda shines a light on the LGBTQ+ community, with engaging descriptions, interesting facts, historical queer icons/events, LGBTQ+ acronym definitions, and salutes to influential members of the community! This fabulous compendium illuminates the transformation of the community, spotlighting its struggles, achievements, landmarks, and contributions.

    The Gay Agenda is a time-traveling tour for elders, a comprehensive trove for the young, and an enlightening journey for those curious to know more about LGBTQ+ community and its many successes. From James Baldwin and Emma Goldman to Marsha P. Johnson and Jodie Foster; Pink Triangle to Rainbow Flag, Stonewall to AIDS; Matthew Shepherd and Pulse to Sodomy Laws and Obergefell; Drag and Trans to The L Word and Kinsey, Freddie Mercury and Ellen to Laverne and Bowie - this delightful digest is a tribute to all LGBTQ+ and the ongoing drive for everyone to get (and keep) their rights.

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