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  • Sex is Fun! Creative Ideas for Exciting Sex

    Sex is Fun! is an eye-catching, interactive guide to sizzling bedroom action, mixing the visual intrigue of a graphic novel with funny tips & tricks for titillating lovemaking. Kidder Kapers – the host of the buzzworthy Sex Is Fun podcast – brings a one-of-a-kind take on the topic of passion, reinventing the sex manual with charming cartoon characters and snazzy drawings to share his unique experience. Whether you're after some fresh ideas for a fling or some fun ways to keep the flame alive in a relationship, this book will have you heated up & ready for action!

    Both witty and informative, this titillating tour offers tips for a dazzling sexual experience, like sizzling foreplay, naughty talk, arousing toys, inventive positions, passionate massage, and more! Filled with clever illustrations and funny dialogue, it surpasses other books in its field, removing the fear of sex play and featuring workbook-style activities & games like the Sexual Interest Inventory and What Scares You? questionnaire. With 36 chapters of fun, partners can discover how to communicate better, explore new realms, and reach superior heights of pleasure and satisfaction!

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