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    A savvy, doable guide to empower women to own their sexual wellness, and get the 411 on all things pleasurable, protective, and body-positive from the authority on sexual instruction for today's ambitious gal!

    Women in their late teens and early thirties face an uphill battle—misinformation, fear, intimidation. They're unsure about birth control risks, grappling with consent complexities, sexuality, and 'cheating' debates. Not to mention, not knowing how or where to find helpful medical guidance. Get on Top is here to be their trustworthy expert and partner!

    Meika, creator of the Get On Top national campaign, cofounder of Sustain all-natural sexual wellness products, and daughter of Seventh Generation's billionaire founder, is here to help women make informed, safe choices when it comes to sex. She'll answer those questions she gets bombarded with daily from readers of the Get On Top campaign and green fans, and relay the info in a realistic, no-fuss fashion.

    Chapters explore birth control, STDs, intercourse, self-pleasure, and PH. Meika offers frank, real insight on women's sexual queries in a no-nonsense manner. No seedy stuff here – just sound, actionable information for every carnal curiosity. Get on Top will not only educate women regarding their bodies, but shift the way they view sexual health.

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