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  • Cosmopolitan Love Spells

    Give your lovescapes a spiritual turbocharge with Cosmo's supreme start on spells intended to up the romance. Magic of today is all about treating yo self and tapping into your inside forces to create positive vibes in your life—and that's Cosmopolitan's specialty. Now the authority on love and sex presents readers with a straightforward course to steer their loving escapades by casting uncomplicated and successful spells. These potent enchantments involve charms for transforming attraction into love, bouncing back from a sour split, or augmenting intimacy between you and your bae in the boudoir.

    Unlock the secrets of crafting your own enchantments, altar set-up, must-have spell ingredients, and beyond. Plus, get access to spells for: Attraction: Red-candle carving and vision board magnificence Communication: A lapis-lazy charm and magick by the hues Sweetening amour and tenderness: Honey jar and sugar-lipped scrub Passion and yearning: A Venus evocation Healing broken hearts with black salt or cord-cutting obsidian blade.

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    Shawn Engel





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