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    Are you craving a night where your partner takes charge of your body, using it to fulfill their every desire or teasing you until you're begging for release? If so, the Scandal® Universal Cuffs can make it happen. These soft and plushy cuffs are covered in premium brocade fabric, providing a luxurious bondage experience.

    They are fully adjustable with Velcro-style closures, allowing you to fasten them as loosely or tightly as desired. The universal clasps and nickel-free iron rings offer endless possibilities for creativity. Connect the cuffs together and struggle against their hold while your partner pleases you.

    Secure them to bedposts and surrender total control of your pleasure. Use two sets and let your partner render you entirely helpless as they bind your arms to your ankles and have their way with you. These cuffs are perfect for all levels of bondage enthusiasts, whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro. Incorporate other toys and teases for added fun, or keep it simple and explore giving

    Key Features & Specs


    Cuffs adjust up to 14"


    2.9 oz.

    Water Resistance

    Not for wet play


    Polyester (fabric, Velcro®) PP (straps) Nickel-Free Iron (rings) Nickel-Free Alloy (clasp)

    Made In


    In The Box

    2x Cuffs


    1 Year


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