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    Entice and tease with this stylishly crafted Scandal® Paddle. As a dominant, it's essential to master the art of both discipline and indulgence with your submissive, and this paddle accomplishes both in a single, expertly stitched, double-sided, and durable form. When your submissive steps out of line or challenges your commands, give their backside a few strategically placed smacks. Sit back and admire the sight of their freshly pinkened rear as they squirm and moan in delightful surrender to your whims.

    This paddle is a submissive's dream come true: it gives the powerful, firm, and sharp impact they desire, while also offering a gentle, smooth, and cushy caress along their curves when they show their obedience.

    Introducing the expertly crafted Scandal® Paddle, made with top-notch red and black designer fabric that will leave both dominant and submissive partners eagerly anticipating its touch. The striking, commanding design tantalizes with the promise of fulfilling desires and experiencing an uninhibited, intense evening of pleasure and punishment. Beginner or pro, the paddle's soft interior allows for a gentle introduction to fetish play or a powerful strike that will leave a lasting impression.

    Key Features & Specs


    Length: 14.75"
    Width: 3.5"


    5.8 oz.

    Water Resistance

    Not for wet play



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    1x Paddle


    1 Year


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