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    Relinquish all control to your lover with the Scandal® Bed Restraints and experience the heightened sensations of total immobility. Unable to move, you'll longingly wiggle and twist against the restraints, while their breathy whispers and electrifying touch feel even more intense. These restraints foster trust and emotional connection, allowing you to explore your desires in a whole new way.

    Get ready to feel snug as a bug in these adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs! The plushy interior will keep you in cozy comfort, even as you struggle against them. And with the seductive red brocade fabric encircling your wrists, your partner will be dying to see you lying in the most alluring and exposed positions imaginable.

    Unleash your inner adventurous side with the versatile tethers of Scandal® Bed Restraints! Whether you choose to wrap them under the mattress or around a bedpost, you'll be securely tethered and ready for your partner's pleasure. Plus, with an included extension tether, you can indulge in passionate play on any bed size.

    Key Features & Specs


    Cuffs are adjustable - one size fits most
    Extensions and tethers: 60" long


    17.1 oz.

    Water Resistance

    Not for wet play


    Polyester (fabric, Velcro®) PP (straps) Nickel-Free Iron (rings) Nickel-Free Alloy (clasps) POM (buckles)

    Made In


    In The Box

    2x Wrist Cuffs, 2x Ankle Cuffs, 2x Tethers, 1x Extension


    1 Year


    Free Shipping