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  • Bingay! Bingo Game Celebrating Our LGBTQ+ Icons!

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    This bingo game celebrates our brightest LGBTQ+ icons.

    Bingay! celebrates the icons who have made our world a better place, with the greatest game known to humanity: Bingo!

    Trailblazers of the LGBTQ+ world, from Marsha P. Johnson to Margaret Cho, Oscar Wilde to Billy Porter, and Laverne Cox to Boy George have gathered together – in a handy game box! Collectively, they’ve expanded horizons, shaped art, politics, and pop culture, and now they’re here to transform your game nights!

    With 8 doubled-sided randomized bingo cards, and 48 tokens that features a different queer hero, this game can keep you and your friends playing all night long. (This box set includes more detailed instructions on how to play.)

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    8 doubled-sided bingo cards, 48 queer hero tokens, gameplay instructions

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