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  • Big Big Love: A Sex and Relationship Guide for People of Size (and Those Who Love Them)

    Big Big Love is the ultimate guidebook for folks of all genders, sizes, and sexual orientations seeking to bolster their relationship, sexuality, and smoldering confidence. With advice on dating, sex toys, and getting on top, plus tips on loving your bod, dealing with weight bias, and having a fulfilling sex life in a perfection-obsessed society, Big Big Love is your one-stop shop to big sexy success.

    This delightfully illustrated update of the 2000 cult hit features new interviews with body-positive activists, health pros, psychologists, and more - plus tons of quotes from fat folk and the people who adore them, all gleaned from a survey created just for this book! Whether it's shedding your clothes for sex, indulging in BDSM, expressing fat admiration, or seeking out successful long-term relationships, Big Big Love's smart, sane advice can help you tackle every bedroom and love-life issue.

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