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  • Snug Plug 5 (XXL)

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    The snug plug is an ultra-comfortable, weighted butt plug that is designer to provide a sensual feeling of fullness. Designed for discreet extended wear, B-Vibe snug plugs can be worn during partner sex or enjoyed anytime. Snug plugs are made of body-safe, seamless silicone and feature a thin, flexible neck and a smooth grip handle.

    Key Features & Specs


    Insertable Length: 5.7"
    Diameter: 2"
    Neck Diameter: 0.5"
    Circumference: 6.19"


    13.09 oz.

    Water Resistance


    Lube Compatibility

    Water-Based Lubes



    Made In


    In The Box

    Snug Plug 5, Storage Bag, Guide to Anal Play, Snug Plug User Guide


    1 Year


    Free Shipping

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    David McDermid
    Made in china, may not be silicone, well researched shape

    When I first opened the snug plug 5 package and felt the snug plug 5 in my hands, I noticed it felt very rough. This is very different from my other silicone plugs which are all very smooth. This roughness suggests the snug plug 5 may be porous. I washed the snug plug 5 carefully to see if the roughness went away, but the rough feeling did not, and then I noticed the snug plug 5 giving off a strong odor - it smells like rubber. I carefully washed and smelled all my other silicone plugs, and they had no detectable smell. I tried to insert the plug, and I found it extremely difficult, even with plenty of lube. I can easily handle my monster size super soft egg plug from square peg toys which has a diameter of 3.5 inches, but this snug plug 5 was far more difficult to insert due to the roughness and very flexible stem. The shape however is great, and very well thought up. Much testing was likely done to determine this would be a good shape, and the t bar is greatly appreciated. The snug plug 5 gives a nice full feeling while in use, and isn't uncomfortable due to the very thin stem. The full feeling tells you it's there, but nothing else does. I couldn't feel anything from the weighted balls inside during use though. I can feel the weighted balls inside the snug plug 5 while it is in my hands. I am mostly fearful the stem will break since it looks incredibly thin and flexible. I'd rate this plug a 3.5/5.
    In short, it's a very good shape, feels fine, is very difficult to insert, and not made of the same silicone my other butt plugs are.