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  • All Night Love Affair™ Game - Bring Passion Back into the Bedroom!

    A modern classic in the adult game world, players take turns rolling the die and following the instructions on the game cards. After a player has rolled at least five times, he or she is now able to draw a Love Affair card if rolled. The first person to roll a Love Affair card wins the game and gets to act out the instructions on the card. 

    Game Play: Players take turns rolling the game die. The rolling player must draw a card from the corresponding card pile and follow the instructions on the card. Once complete, the card is returned to the bottom of the deck. If a player rolls a “?”, he or she can choose a card from any of the three card categories. However, if a player rolls a “Love Affair” within your first five rolls, you must not draw a card, and the player must roll again. The same rule applies on the “?” – Love Affair cards are off limits until the rolling player has rolled no less than five rolls. The first player to roll a Love Affair, after more than five rolls, wins the game and gets to draw a card from the Love Affair card pile.

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    1 Die, 96 Game Cards (3 Categories of 32 Cards Each)

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