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    The brand-new 2020 edition of NY Times-acclaimed 101 Nights of Great Sex is the GOAT of hot sex books, and it's only gotten better, steamier, and hotter! Enjoy 30 all-new, never-seen-before Seductions guaranteed to boost your love life to places you never knew existed. As you break the Secret-Seal on each Seduction, get ready to bring some serious sizzle to the bedroom (without breaking a sweat!)


    Experience the thrill of unpredictable pleasure with 101 Nights of Great Sex! Each envelope contains 50 seduction ideas for her (and 50 for him) plus one special 'date night' activity to do together. Each Teaser is like a tantalizing movie trailer, sending pulses pounding in anticipation of the night of steamy fun ahead! Get ready to set off on an unforgettable journey of thrilling surprises!


    Tired of the same old instructional 'how-to's'? Get ready to re-heat your sex life with 101 Nights Of Great Sex! Not a book to read, more like an interactive ticket to pleasure-packed fun. Inside each copy you'll find 101 deliciously titillating SEDUCTIONS (best kept in a SECRET ENVELOPE!) with step-by-step instructions, tips, and "e-teasers" to get you and your partner in the mood! Who needs mundane monotony when you have 101 Nights?

    Each week, you & your boo will take turns tearin' a sealed page from the book & startin' the sizzlin' seduction! Psh, like you two need peekin' at each other's pages anyway. If you're gettin' seduced, just wait in eager excitement. If you're doin' the seducin', just follow your "secret" instructions & watch your partner quiver with delight. Bust out the big guns for the big night -- then it's time for a major sex blowout with guaranteed wins for both of you. ;) Plus, "eTeases" are included to rev up your partner's anticipation with tantalizin' clues. Get ready to get *real* turned on.

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