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    Straight from the sex guru extraordinaire, Emily Morse, host of the #1 podcast Sex with Emily, comes a revolutionary tome that'll elevate your pleasure game and make you the envy of all your friends at sex o'clock!

    Discover how Dr. Emily Morse—hailed by the New York Times as “the Dr. Ruth of a new generation”—can help you turn your sex IQ up to 11! In Smart Sex, she shares her expertise on human sexuality to provide an incredible framework to revolutionize how you view pleasure—all genders and orientations welcome. Delve into this must-have manual to unlock:

    •  A new sexual intelligence that will allow you to connect deeply with your body, your desires, and the psychological and physical blocks that are keeping you from experiencing the pleasure that is your birthright.
    • Communication hacks to talk to your partner about topics ranging from oral sex to open relationships and everything in between.
    • The truth about orgasms and how to start having more plentiful, powerful, and satisfying orgasms.
    • Everything you need to know to be a good lover, from collaboration to technique. (Hint: it's not what you think.)
    • And so much more

    Gathering insight from science, research, and intimate experience, Smart Sex will transform your sex life, self-esteem, and relationships -- even the one you have with yourself -- via an engaging and inviting approach.

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