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    Indulge in truly sensational playtime with the LuvMor™ Naturals Intimate Cooling Serum. The premium serum is infused with the arousal-enhancing benefits of cooling menthol and hyaluronic acid to support natural lubrication. The eco-friendly water-based serum enhances natural lubrication, heightens sensations, and lasts as long as play time. Expertly created by the experts at CalExotics, the water-based formula is pH-friendly, safe for all skin types, and free from artificial fragrances and colorants. Blended in the USA.

    How to Use: Apply to erogenous zones for a slight cooling sensation, reapply as needed. Easily washes away with warm soapy water.

    Key Features & Specs

    Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera Extract- a natural lubricant, that adds hydration and reduces skin irritation Ginseng Root Extract - creates a tingling feeling; not accepted as a treatment but reports suggest it may improve sex for women by dilating the capillaries in sensitive tissues allowing for enhanced receptivity. Hyaluronan - Recommended by OB/GYNs to boost vaginal lubrication, especially with patients going through menopause or cancer treatments. Increases skin's water content to regulate inflammation allowing for a more comfortable sexual experience for women who suffer from discomfort/pain. Menthol - gentle cooling

    4 oz.

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