April 06, 2018 1 min read

Welcome to our blog - ROMP + FROLIC. 


Rolik is a play on Rollick which has its origins in both Romp + Frolic. 

They are all about having fun with a little mischief!

We're excited to share our vision for a fun, informative, sex-positive space to discover & shop adult lifestyle products. 

ROLIK has been years in the making from a team that has lots of experience working with these products in a variety of spaces. 

With so many pre-conceived notions about what this space is, we wanted to eliminate the noise, focus in on the very best brands & products across all price points while making a positive change in the world through donating a portion of profits to charitable organizations

Our initial launch will focus predominately on PLEASURE  products in a genderless way whenever possible - we'll describe the products - it's up to you to decide if it's right for you. 

We'll continue to add great products every day and expand into a second vertical PIECES - art, books & magazines, home decor & more in the coming weeks. 

There are even plans to roll in PUFF - all things we love in the new wave of cannabis & smoking accessories. 


Make sure to get on our list to be the first to hear about new products, updates & specials. We'll be sending a special something for our grand opening very soon. 

We love feedback! Share your thoughts with us - hi@shoprolik.com. 

We're just getting started...


~ Team Rolik