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    • This is a fun game for people who may have wondered what would happen if they discovered that the drool on their pillow was actually their neighbor's? How about if they dove into a pool and noticed an alligator swimming toward them? They might know what they would do in either situation or the 398 other possible scenarios in What If...? but with 3 to 20 players, involved, they'll find out how everyone else would react, too!

      Inside the box, they will find 400 weird and wacky situations. They'll take turns drawing cards, directing the question to 2 players at the same time. Both will blurt out their versions of what you SHOULDN'T do, giving 3 answers each, or however many they can think of in 30 seconds. Other players vote on who gave the best answer, and that player will win the card. Rack up the most to win!