Poseidon Blue Wearable Cosmetic Glitter in Aloe Gel

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  • Embrace your hot-blooded nature, wield the power of the sea, and harness the energy from tectonics (and techno, bb) in this royal blue super sparkly body, face and hair glitter!

    A Glitz Grenade is the supreme weapon of choice in your party arsenal. This body glitter is an epic explosion of sexy sparkles, designed to obliterate dullness upon detonation. Whether you're on the front line or in the trenches in this war against boredom, Neva Nude has you covered. Pop the safety lever, and Wham! Bam! Now you're glam!! Neva Nude's mystical, magical solution of super-pigmented face glitter and pure aloe vera gel can be applied on the face, body, hair and just about anywhere! Match this gorgeous glitter dust with looks in every color of the rainbow or pair with our face jewels and pasties for a complete look of ultra-glittery proportions!