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  • Gvibe Geisha Balls²

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    • Geisha Balls² are a new generation of kegel balls. Improving on the original, this kegel exerciser is made with velvet touch silicone for easy insertion and a shorter option for the silicone string for a more comfortable fit.

      There are 4 balls in a package, each with a different weight ranging from the lightest to the heaviest balls on the market. To begin training, start with the lightest balls and then gradually increase the weight. Geisha Balls² allow users to have 5 stages of training: from 1.8oz to 3.5oz. After this, experienced users can train with the individual balls without the strap. No need to purchase a new, heavier set of balls, simply take out heavier balls from the Geisha Balls² set. With an anatomically perfect fit, Geisha Balls² are also body safe-- made of ABS plastic and 100% soft medical silicone.