Cliona Interactive Clitoral Vibe

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  • Dive to the deepest parts of your pleasure with this powerful, waterproof, pocket-sized clit massager. Play with your lover or interactive erotic content, and let Cliona take your breath away.

    Cliona™ by KIIROO® is perfect for anyone on the go or at home.

    As a highly advanced, touch-sensitive clit-stim; Cliona™ by KIIROO® allows for two-way pleasure online. Play alone, play with your lover from a distance or let over 4,000 interactive erotic videos take control of your pleasure.

    With Cliona™ by KIIROO® you can:

    Control vibration intensity with a simple touch.

    Transmit touch to your partner’s device from a distance.

    Have your pleasure controlled by your partner.

    Allow your pleasure to be controlled by compatible online content.

    Cliona™ by KIIROO® is fully compatible with all KIIROO® products and FeelTech™ enabled products from a variety of leading sex tech producers.