Big Butt Book

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  • Apples, Pumpkins, and Pears

    The female butt, tush, culo, or derrière has always inspired awe, fantasy, and slavish devotion. Curiously, its primary purpose is functional rather than aesthetic: butts balance our bodies while running, according to biologists. But ask any pygophiliac - as fundament fans are clinically termed- and you'll get the same answer: female hindquarters exist to please the eye, the hands, and parts south.

    In this Chunky, 512-page edition find all the best photos (and some tasty new ones) from the original Big Butt Book - ranging from petite Pam Anderson to robust Serena Williams - as well as interviews with Coco Austin, Buffie the Body, Tinto Brass, Joan (Buttman) Stagliano, and Brazil's Watermelon Woman.