Anal Fantasy Ass-Gasm Trainer Trio

  • If you love the explosive ejaculations you get from wearing the world’s best-selling Ass-Gasm C-ring Plug, then this 3-piece Ass-Gasm Trainer Trio will take your anal exploration to a whole new level!

    Who knew that a simple silicone c-ring plug could deliver such mind-blowing results? It’s true—our original best-selling Ass-Gasm C-ring Plug has changed the landscape of anal pleasure products by delivering an amazing backdoor experience that both partners will benefit from. Our exclusive Ass-Gasm C-ring Plugs are one-of-a-kind designs made from Elite Silicone and they’re body-safe, super-stretchy, and made to play hard.

    The c-rings are simple to use and designed to deliver satisfying sex for both partners! Test your endurance, improve your performance, stimulate your prostate, and enjoy the most intense climaxes you’ve ever imagined! With three uniquely sized Ass-Gasm C-ring Plugs to choose from, you can start with the small beginner version and work your way up to the thicker, more advanced model!

    With the Ass-Gasm plug in your ass and the ring wrapped snug around your penis, you’ll stay harder and stronger than ever before! The super-stretchy silicone ring puts the squeeze on performance letdowns, maintaining firm erections that last and last! The round, smooth head makes entry and retrieval a snap, while the tapered shaft ensures that the plug will stay in place between your cheeks even when the action heats up. Place the elongated ring around the base of your penis and balls, and wear it all day for long-lasting fun and huge, powerful ejaculations! The unique design of the base allows users to gently apply pressure to the bottom of the plug to help ease insertion.