Tula Toy Mount

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  • The Tula Toy Mount turns your favorite sex toys into the ultimate sex machine. Designed for straddling and putting yourself in comfortable positions while masturbating, the Tula features a multi-slot design that securely holds onto dildos, vibes, and large cordless massage wands. The Tula can be used in a variety of ways, and with complete versatility at your fingertips, the top pocket provides flange support and lets you customize the depth, angle, and length of your sex toy. The side pocket encases a variety of sex toys for standing, kneeling, or sitting positions.

    Petite and low profile design

    Toy mount for wands, vibrators and dildos

    Featuring two durable toy pockets

    Provides lift for oral & anal positions

    High-density foam prevents sinking into the bed

    Soft, machine-washable cover

    Moisture-resistant liner

    Toys not included